Hour-A-Thon Fundraiser Details

Here is the link for the Hour-a-thon. Please have your band member sign up using this link before band camp on Friday 8/18. Here are the instructions:

STUDENTS: Join the fundraiser 2023 KINGSTON TIGERS BAND LAUNCH-A-THON at:  https://app.launchfundraising.com/account/join-instructions/SNYDXM

*If needed, the Student Join Code is: SNYDXM

*Existing Launch Users simply need to log into their account, click “Join Fundraiser” on the top of their dashboard, and enter the Student Join Code listed above.

*Create your Account

*Save & Enter the Dashboard

*Save the Dashboard Webpage to your phone Homescreen


Please remember to send the 10-20 contacts with your band member. The fundraiser will be open until Friday, 8/27.

Also, if you have a friend or family member that is unable to donate through the website, cash/check can given. Just make sure it is placed in a labeled envelope marked appropriately and put in the mail pail by Aug.27th.

Questions? Contact Jen Couse


As president of the Band Boosters, I would like to address the GoFundMe that was set up in hopes of a new Marimba. While this was not done with any ill intent it was NOT an approved fundraiser. We, the Boosters, are going to help them raise the funds they need in a more appropriate way.

If anyone would like to help or has any ideas please join us for our Ways and Means committee meeting on Tuesday, August 1st, at 6 pm at Panera or reach out to Jen Couse at talkteacher91@gmail.com.

Keisha Jackson-Peoples