Chaperone Information

If interested in chaperoning any upcoming events, contact one of the Chaperone Coordinators:

Denise Breithaupt:

-First responsibility is the welfare of the students
-Needed for each trip, football game, parade, competition, NYSMMA trips and other events.
-Are required to wear black pants, shoes, and maroon shirts/tops. The shirts/tops do not have to be BAND shirts. The Band Booster Club does have Band wear available for those that do want to purchase them.
-Should wear something with pockets, because you end up carrying stuff – pins, hair ties/clips, wallets, instrument pieces, cell phones, etc.

For Bus Trips:
-If buses are not assigned there should be TWO chaperones per bus and ONE drum major.
-When assigned to a particular bus please do not switch. If it is necessary to switch please let the LEAD chaperone know.
-Memorize your bus number. It’s one of the most frequently asked question and the buses are not always parked in order.
-Students cannot remove uniform jackets on the bus unless directed by the Band Directors.
-Make sure nothing is left on the bus, especially garbage, check under the seats.

For Football Games:
-Chaperones arrive early – times and locations will be announced. Assignments are posted outside of the uniform room. If assigned to uniforms, report to uniform room. If assigned to equipment, report to the truck outside of band room. If assigned to boys or girls changing rooms, report there. If assigned to line up for uniforms, this is right outside of the uniform room.
-During the games, escort students to the rest room. The Band members will need someone to hold jackets, sashes, etc.
-For students arriving late, chaperones will escort to change and bring street clothes back to the bleachers.
-Chaperones will pass out water to Band members as directed by lead Chaperone.

For Parades:
-There will be a vehicle following the Band for emergencies with a driver and medical person. There has to be space available for students and instruments.
-Only 4 Chaperones will march on each side of the band (excluding Band Directors). If very warm weather, more chaperones will march along side the Band to distribute water. The rest of the chaperones will march behind the Band.

Trips and Parades need:
-1-2 Medical personnel
-3 Uniform people if the Band is in full uniform
-4 Equipment People (more if field show requires)
-At least 6 chaperones

ALL PARENTS PLEASE NOTE: Family members of the Band do not receive free admission to the football games.



The students must change in designated areas. Do not change in the bathrooms

Make sure the students do not lay their uniforms on the ground. Put it on a chair or hang it up. Make sure they keep track of the hanger and shoe bag as they have their assigned numbers on them.

The students cannot wear hoop earrings at all. Small studs only and only one earring per ear. No other piercing is allowed. No other jewelry is allowed. No nail polishes unless clear. Hair has to be pinned up and under the hat.

Students cannot eat or drink while in uniform. They can only have the water that is supplied by the chaperones. The chaperones will distribute water at the football games.
Jackets cannot be taken off unless directed by Band Directors.

Students must wear a white tee shirt with sleeves (no sleeveless shirts) or their assigned Band white tee shirt. They must wear black socks. If a student does not have these items they need to purchase them through the Band Boosters for a charge the day of the performance.

When the students are in the stands at football games or competitions, need to use the rest room or come late because of sports, they must be accompanied by a chaperone to change into their uniform. This is for safety reasons to protect our students and to provide assistance if needed.

After each performance and students have changed, make sure that pants are folded in the proper way and on wooden hanger provided. Their coats are snapped at the top and bottom only, not zippered, and the sash is snapped on. All uniforms must be checked to make sure they are hung properly before they are returned to the uniform room. This is done when the student leaves the designated changing area.

Remember that the student is representing Kingston High School band for their school and should be on their best behavior. Therefore, the chaperones should be considerate to the students as the students should be to the chaperones. We want the students to enjoy this experience and feel they can approach a chaperone for help or questions.

As a chaperone you should wear black pants, shoes, and a maroon shirt so we are all uniform and easily recognized by students and parents.

If you have any questions concerning any of the above items please feel free to consult the Band Directors, Lead Chaperones, Uniform People, and Band Booster Club President and vice Presidents.

Thank you for volunteering your time to chaperone and making these events an enjoyable and memorable experience for the students in the Kingston High School Band.