Hour-A-Thon Fundraiser Details

Here is the link for the Hour-a-thon. Please have your band member sign up using this link before band camp on Friday 8/18. Here are the instructions:

STUDENTS: Join the fundraiser 2023 KINGSTON TIGERS BAND LAUNCH-A-THON at:  https://app.launchfundraising.com/account/join-instructions/SNYDXM

*If needed, the Student Join Code is: SNYDXM

*Existing Launch Users simply need to log into their account, click “Join Fundraiser” on the top of their dashboard, and enter the Student Join Code listed above.

*Create your Account

*Save & Enter the Dashboard

*Save the Dashboard Webpage to your phone Homescreen


Please remember to send the 10-20 contacts with your band member. The fundraiser will be open until Friday, 8/27.

Also, if you have a friend or family member that is unable to donate through the website, cash/check can given. Just make sure it is placed in a labeled envelope marked appropriately and put in the mail pail by Aug.27th.

Questions? Contact Jen Couse