Details for Attending New York State Field Band Championships in Syracuse!

What: The 50th Anniversary New York State Field Band Conference Championships
When: Sunday, October 30th
Where: JMA Wireless Dome in Syracuse, NY
Tickets to the 50th NYSFBC Conference Championships are available NOW! For the first time ever, the NYSFBC is offering pre-sale tickets. Not only that, but pre-sale tickets are cheaper than if you purchase them the day of the event ($23 presale, $25 at the door). Also, buying pre-sale tickets allows you more time to figure out how to get your tickets on your phone, which will be necessary as the JMA Wireless Dome only accepts mobile tickets. Discount tickets are available for seniors/students ($16 presale, $18 at the door).
Get your tickets now, save $2 a ticket, and come and support the hundreds of student musicians performing that day and celebrate the thousands of students who have participated in the 50 years of the New York State Field Band Conference!
Tickets can be purchased at the JMA Wireless Dome website.
There is also a streaming option if you are unavailable to attend in person: details here.