IMPORTANT: Travel Medical Records for Syracuse

For the first time in 3 years we are going on an overnight trip. Your child’s medical records that are on file with KHS MUST be current and must cover ANY medication your child must receive while on this trip.

All medications that your child need to take on this trip MUST be documented with the school nurse, with a script from your physician. This includes OVER THE COUNTER medications as well as prescription medication.

Below are two links for medical forms for medications to be on file. The first one is for the medical office so students can self administer: Med Form 1

The second link is for permission for an adult other than parent to administer the meds: Med Form 2

Again this includes over the counter medications like Tylenol, vitamins, decongestants (must have a doctor’s script) that are required to be taken daily.

The deadline for updates to the forms to be submitted to the NURSE’S OFFICE is next Tuesday October 25th.¬† Please don’t wait until the last minute.