Summer Marching Band Season Letter

Updated: Note that Sunday Rehearsal Schedule is 3-8, not 3-9 as previously posted.

Dear Band Parents and Students:

We are writing this letter to announce the start of the Spring Marching Band Field Show Season.   We have been approved to start on Sunday, April 11 and continuing until Saturday, June 12 for our Senior Recognition/Final Performance.  The season will begin on Sunday, April 11 on the new turf field at KHS from 3-8 (Leadership arrives at 12:30).   We will be rehearsing twice a week on Sundays and Thursdays, weather permitting.  In case of weather, rehearsal will be cancelled (no indoor rehearsing).

Each rehearsal will have the following guidelines:

  • Temperatures will be checked at the beginning of every rehearsal.
  • Masks will be worn at all times by Color guard, Drum Line and Pit.
  • Wind players will have their mask on but lowered while playing and up when not.
  • Attendance will be taken and maintained.
  • Social distancing will be applied.

The KHS Band students have already completed the survey for participation in the Spring Season. If a student has exercised the COVID opt out, it is understood that they will not be able to be part of the senior recognition or attend the events.  For any student that has opted out, the band directors will contact the parents to confirm this request.  It is important to note that an opt out is for health and safety reasons only.   All students who request to opt out due to Covid concerns will be honored.  Therefore, participation in sports or work is not a valid excuse.  The excusal policy for the fall season will be used for the spring season

We are very excited to starting a Spring Marching Season and look forward to performing again.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at or

Sincerely Yours,

Stephen Garner and Jeffrey Giebelhaus

Kingston High School Band Directors






April 11 @ KHS New Turf Field (Bring Instruments)

  • Leadership Meeting (12:30-2:30 PM)
  • All Color Guard, Freshman and New to Band 3:00-5:00 (Break from 5-5:30)
  • All Color Guard, Freshman and Upper Classmen (5:30-7:30)

April 15 @ Crosby Elementary 4PM-8PM (Everyone)

April 18 @ Crosby Elementary 3PM-8PM

April 22 @ Crosby Elementary 4PM-8PM

April 25 @ Crosby Elementary 4PM-8PM

April 29 @ Crosby Elementary 4PM-8PM

May 2 @ Crosby Elementary 3PM-8PM

May 6 @ Crosby Elementary 4PM-8PM

May 9 @ Crosby Elementary 3PM-8PM

May 13 @ Crosby Elementary 4PM-8PM

May 16 @ Crosby Elementary 3PM-8PM

May 20 @ Crosby Elementary 4PM-8PM

May 23 @ Crosby Elementary 3PM-8PM

May 27 @ Crosby Elementary 4PM-8PM

May 31 @ Crosby Elementary 3PM-8PM

June 3 @ Crosby Elementary 4PM-8PM

June 6 @ Crosby Elementary 3PM-8PM

June 7 @ Crosby Elementary 4PM-8PM (Rain Make-up)

June 8 @ Crosby Elementary 4PM-8PM (Rain Make-up)

June 10 @ Dietz 4PM-8PM Dress Rehearsal

June 12 @ Dietz Stadium Performance 7:00 PM student report time TBA (rehearsal prior to performance)

Please email Mr. Garner for excusals – note: work is NOT an excuse to miss rehearsals.