Message from Booster Club President

Hello everyone,
I just wanted to check in. Hope this finds everyone well and safe.  Obviously with the current shutdown there is not much to report. However there are items or questions that people are asking that we hopefully can shed some light on.
Regarding school resuming, we know what you know. The numbers have to come down and the testing has to go up. Everything has to be planned out with safety in mind.

Yearbook.  The yearbook has been sent to printing. At completion we will figure out a safe way for distribution.  I’d like to give a big shout out to Brenda Celuch Fryling, Denise Augstein Breithaupt, Maria Tampasis Maritsas, Stacie Langer Kremper & Kathy Burns for all they work they put into this project. Thank you!
High School Musical is at this point unfortunately cancelled.
Booster Officers elections. Elections are at this point on hold for obvious reasons.  Please know this puts the group in a tight position on the other side. We will have parents / offices aging out of the band with no ready replacements. There will be a program and a band on the other side of this. That means there will be a need for a booster organization that can do what it has always done in years past.  We will be looking for officers in the following positions: President, Vice President, Co Treasurer, Fundraising Chair, Secretary as well as various committee chair spots.
Band Banquet is in all likelihood also cancelled due to again the shutdown / quarantine and we obviously are a large gathering just by ourselves.  That being said I want to address this to the seniors and senior families. We are in a pandemic shutdown that no one truly knows how long will continue for our region.  We just don’t know at this point.  What I do know is that somehow, someway there will be something done for recognition and celebration for seniors and their families. This booster organization has always found a way to overcome any obstacle in it’s path.

As things progress we will keep you posted! Be safe!