Details for Attending/Viewing State Marching Band Championships

Below is some important information and details we have received from the New York State Field Band Conference about attendance at this year’s event.

Time: Sunday, Oct. 31. Kingston will perform at 3:00 p.m. (if you are interested in seeing all bands in our division perform, the Large School 2 competition begins at 2:30 p.m.); the Awards Ceremony is at 4:45 p.m.

Place: Carrier Dome, on the campus of Syracuse University. Parking available for $10.

Tickets: $19 for adults, $13 for students. Tickets will be available for purchase at the Carrier Dome or you may purchase them in advance here. If you aren’t able to attend in person there is an official live stream for purchase available here ($25 for all bands the day of the show, but note that this stream is only for LIVE viewing).

**Important** If you are attending in person please note the Carrier Dome’s policies on bags and personal items:

Championship Week Schedule!!

Here we are:Championship Week! It’s late October in the Hudson Valley so the weather will be interesting. Please make sure that your child dresses accordingly. Please pay attention for any possible schedule changes due to weather.

Here is the latest (current as of 10/29):

Friday- 10/29-  Rehearsal Dietz 4-7


12:00- If indoor rehearsal, load truck at Dietz

1:30-4:00- Rehearsal- Dietz (if Outdoor)

Rehearsal KHS- Gym/Auditorium (if Indoor)

4:00- If Outdoor Rehearsal, Load truck at Dietz

4:00-6:00- KHS Pizza Party, Final Meeting, Trunk or Treat


6:45- Students Report to KHS

8:00- Leave KHS for Skytop

11:30- Report to Skytop

11:45- Lunch at Skytop

2:00-Leave Sky Top for Carrier Dome

3:00-Performance Time

3:20-Pictures and head to buses to drop off Instruments and Coats

3:45- Back to dome- dinner at concessions- no food brought into dome.


5:30- Go to buses

6:00-Depart for home

9:30- Return to KHS

10:00- Students go home

Itinerary for Fall Season Weekend #7- Oct.18-24

Saturday, 10/23- Rehearsal @ Dietz

11:30-Load Truck at KHS

12:30-Truck arrives at Dietz

12:30-Students arrive @ Dietz

1:00- 6:00-Rehearsal

6:30-Go Home- Truck Unloads at Edson


Sunday,  10/24-  Fall Fanfare Competition  @ Dietz

11:00-Students arrive @ Edson and uniform

11:30-1:00-Warm-up @ Edson

1:39- Performance

2:30-Senior Recognition

3:30-Store equipment at Dietz

4:15-Back to Edson, truck loads uniforms

4:30-Students Go Home from Edson

4:45-Unload at KHS

All Activities for 10/16 Cancelled

Good morning everyone! Due to heavy weather forecast for both here and at Vestal this afternoon and evening ALL Band activities are canceled for today. No rehearsal and no competition.

Tomorrow’s rehearsal time has been modified it is now 12 to 6 PM. Have a good day!

Itinerary for Fall Season Weekend #6- Oct. 11-17 (Updated)

Friday, 10/15- Football Game-Homecoming Parade and Game

4:00- Students arrive at KHS
5:30- Parade at GW
7:00- National Anthem
7:10- Buses back to KHS
8:00- Go Home

Saturday, 10/16- Rehearsal-Crosby and Competition- Vestal HS
Updated 10/13

8:45- Truck loads at KHS
9:30 – Students and truck arrive Crosby
10:00-12:30- REHEARSAL @ Crosby
1:30 – Leave Crosby for Vestal
5:00 – Arrive @ Vestal HS
7:05 – Performance
8:30 – Depart Vestal
11:00 – Arrive at KHS, truck stays loaded for Sunday
11:30 – Go Home

Sunday, 10/17- Rehearsal at Crosby
Updated 10/13

12:30- Truck and Students Arrive at Crosby
1:00-6:00- Rehearsal
2:00 Fall Fanfare/ General Booster Meeting
7:00- Unload Truck at KHS, DM’s /Section Leaders

Itinerary for October 9-10 (Updated 10/7)

Saturday, 10/9- Practice- Crosby and Competition- New Hartford

7:15- Load Truck at KHS

8:30 – Students and truck arrive Crosby

9:00-1:00- REHEARSAL @ Crosby

1:30 – Buses arrive @ Crosby

2:00 – Leave Crosby for New Hartford

4:30 – Arrive @ New Hartford HS 33 Oxford Road  New Hartford, NY

6:13 – Performance

7:30 – Depart New Hartford

9:45 – Arrive at KHS,  truck stays loaded for Sunday

10:00 – Go Home

Sunday,  10/10-   Competition at Arlington

10:00- Students arrive at KHS

10:45 – Buses arrive @ KHS

11:30 – Leave KHS for Arlington

12:30 – Arrive @ Arlington

1:52 – Performance

3:30 – Depart for KHS

4:30 – Arrive at KHS

5:00- Go Home


ITINERARY FOR Weekend #4- Sept. 27-Oct. 3 (Updated)

Saturday, 10/2-  Band Camp Weekend

7:45am-  Truck loads at KHS and goes to Crosby

8:30am-  Student arrive @ Crosby

9:00-1- Rehearsal at Crosby

Keep equipment at Crosby for Sunday

Sunday,  10/3-  Rehearsal at Crosby

1:30- Students arrive Crosby

2:00-6:30- Rehearsal

7:00- Unload truck at KHS

ITINERARY [UPDATED]: Weekend #3-Sept. 20-Sept. 26

Friday, Sept 24- Football Game

Pep Band Only


Saturday,9/25-Rehearsal-CROSBY- Mini Band Camp Weekend

7am-  Truck loads at KHS and goes to Crosby

8:30am- Student arrive @ Crosby

9:00-1-Rehearsal at Crosby

1:15-Keep equipment at Crosby

Sunday,  9/26-  Rehearsal at Crosby

1:30- Students arrive Crosby

2:00-7:00- Rehearsal

8:15- Unload truck at KHS

Fall Season Weekend #2 Schedule-Sept. 13-19

Friday, 9/17- Football Game Home-Pep Band Only
6:15- Volunteers and Students arrive
9:30- Leave Dietz for KHS


Saturday, 9/18– RehearsalCrosby / Competition-Mohonasen
8:00- Load Truck at KHS
9:30-Truck and Students Arrive at Crosby
10:00-1:30- Rehearsal at Crosby
1:30- Load Truck
2:15- Leave from Crosby for Mohonasen
5:26- Performance
8:30- Leave truck loaded for rehearsal at Crosby

Sunday, 9/19– Rehearsal Crosby
1:30-Truck and Students Arrive at Crosby
2:00-7:00- Rehearsal
8:00-Unload Truck at KHS, DM’s /Section Leaders